What we do

Stretch New Media is committed to using film and digital media to support and give voice to the third sector and vulnerable groups. We offer video production services to charities and non-profit organisations who are looking to use film to communicate, promote and evaluate work in a variety of engaging and innovative formats.

How we do it

Stretch New Media believe in the power of documentary film to gain deep insights into the lives and stories of real people. Sharing these stories is an effective way of raising awareness, reaching new audiences and sensitively communicating difficult issues. We know that audio-visual content mobilises our emotions to act, and has the potential to evoke change in our communities.

Why choose us?

What makes Stretch New Media so unique, is that we can offer high quality production facilities within a field we understand and for needs and causes we are sensitive to. As a sister organisation to Stretch Charity, we share ideas and expertise to provide a digital platform for unheard voices using story-telling principles. Our knowledge and experience working for and within the charity sector allows us to work closely with you, tailoring the process to ensure the right film is made to achieve your goals.

What we offer

Whether it is a promotional video, digital portrait, case-study or training aid, we will work closely with you to identify how best to approach your requirements.

Videos can be used internally or at events, on websites and other social media platforms to build rapport about your organisation, communicate transparent evaluations and celebrate practice.

Watch our videos here.

We are advocators of documentary film and interview processes to capture first-hand stories and perspectives which investigate key issues and concerns. The editing process is paramount to consolidate content into exciting and impactful narratives which will engage new audiences. We also offer post production graphics which can be really effective in underpinning and driving home the message you are trying to deliver in your film.

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